Guava is a native fruit of the Americas and in Brazil it is produced by more than 6 thousand small and medium rural producers throughout the country. In January 2021, new guava producers in Brazil were also certified with the Global G.A.P seal, an international certification that recognizes and attests to good practices in production, food safety and sustainability in products of agricultural origin. These producers have received a number of export orders from European, Asian and North American countries. At the same time, other markets are opening within Brazil, which has high demand for the product.

With a unique flavor, guava is delicious to be consumed fresh or in the form of juices, jam and other gastronomic combinations.

Guava is the fruit of guava, a tree of the species Psidium guajava, of the family Myrtaceae, originally from Tropical America.

In 2020, Brazil was the seventh world producer with a volume of 1.4 million tons produced. However, the Country is the worlds largest producer of red guavas, used for fresh consumption, but also for industry.

The main varieties for industrial purposes are Paluma and Rica and for fresh consumption the Thai and Pedro Sato varieties, with most production concentrated in the state of São Paulo and around the São Francisco River, in the region of the cities Petrolina and Juazeiro , in northeastern Brazil.

The production of guava in Brazil generates a sustainable culture and helps to include the producing community in a virtuous cycle of income and employment generation within the fruit industry. In 2020, Brazil exported 238 tons of guava, with a turnover of USD$538,000.

All exporters are certified in good agricultural practices and sustainable production. The fruit produces all year round and the Southeast region is responsible for 80% of exports that use air transport to ship the fruit mainly to Europe.

Guava pulp is also an exportable product and Brazil has expertise and production technology for this important ingredient used in world cuisine.

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