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Projeto Frutas do Brasil

Frutas do Brasil Project, a partnership between Abrafrutas and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrazil), has the goal of increasing the participation of Brazilian fruits in the international market. In order to achieve this goal, it entails promotional and advocacy actions for the fruit farming sector in the export market.   Brazil's favorable climatic conditions, coupled with agricultural production technologies, have enabled a stable and sustainable production of a vast, year-round array of fruit types in the more than 30 production centers along the Brazilian coast. This unique characteristic has established Brazil as a reliable supplier of high quality fruit and fruit products with a large supply capacity, given that the country is the world's third largest producer in this category.   Despite the growing demand, the total exported volume is not yet compatible with this large production and competitive capacity, which makes the Frutas do Brasil Project a high-impact action toward the growth of exports, thus meeting the needs of international customers.   Abrafrutas   Founded in 2014, ABRAFRUTAS - Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruits and Fruit Products - is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to represent and promote the Brazilian fruit farming sector to the international market. There are approximately 80 members in the association, most of them being growers and/or exporters of fruit and fruit products, responsible for approximately 70% of the total volume of these products exported by Brazil.   The Association was founded with the mission of advocating for the collective interests of Brazilian fruit farming and representing the sector in dealings with the Brazilian government and other entities and agencies in matters related to research, production, logistics, fostering and trading of fresh fruit and fruit products, such as pulps, juices, among other processed products.   Its members include, not only growers, but also cooperatives, regional fruit associations, exporting producer companies, packaging and input companies, certifiers, logistics operators and trading companies. The Association's headquarters is located in Brasilia-DF (Federal District), at the headquarters building of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA), where it has established an institutional partnership with the entity and its institute, ICNA, thus contributing to a better integration with other productive chains of Brazilian agribusiness and seeking synergy on topics of common interest, such as sustainability and food security.


Represent and promote the Brazilian fruit farming sector to the international market.


Be recognized as the leading representative entity of the Brazilian fruit farming sector to the national and international market.


Associativism (Cooperativism), ethics, transparency, professionalism, and sustainability.

See what Abrafrutas offers to its Members:


– Develop an Exporting Culture in the Members;

– Promote Brazilian Fruits in the Domestic and Foreign Markets;

– Carry out data collection for Sectorial Statistics;

– Assist the Members in their relations with Government Authorities in Brazil and abroad;

– Coordinate at all levels the common interests of the Members;

– Work politically towards the interests of the Members in the several levels that constitute the national and international public life;

– Create a communication network within the fruit farming sector that can better integrate the various links in the production chain, making it more competitive and organized.

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We participate in events to show how Brazilian fruit growing is sustainable and easy to be included in the menu of any country.

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Follow our participation in national and international exhibitions, reinforcing the importance of fruit growing in Brazil.

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We hold online and face-to-face workshops to discuss interests and sustainable development in the sector.

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