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Discover Frutas do Brasil’s orange export producers

Friday June 30th, 2023

Did you know that Brazilian oranges play a key role in the country’s economy? Brazil is currently one of the fruit’s largest producers and exporters in the world. In 2021, the country exported more than one million tons of oranges, consolidating itself as one of the main global suppliers of this citrus fruit.

In the Frutas do Brasil project — the export program of the Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruit and Derivatives (Abrafrutas), with the support from the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) — there are six participants who work with the production and export of this delicious fruit, rich in essential nutrients.

In addition to generating direct and indirect jobs, this production boosts the agricultural sector, contributes to the country’s economic growth and strengthens Brazil’s image as an important high-quality fruit producer in the international market. To get a picture of ​​the size of this production, the 2022/2023 orange juice harvest closed with a total volume of 586,313 tons, and grew 17% in exports at the end of 2022. Productions are concentrated in the state of São Paulo, which leads the ranking, followed by Minas Gerais and Paraná.

Below, you will find information about the companies producing and exporting oranges participating in the Frutas do Brasil project, and learn a little more about the companies that move this power.

Discover information about the companies producing and exporting oranges, which participate in the Frutas do Brasil project, and learn more about the companies that drive this powerful market below:

Gibran Exportadores de Frutas Cítricas Ltda

Founded by Antonio Gilberto Ricardo de Oliveira and Antonio Aparecido Batista Pereira in 1985, Gibran started exporting Acid Tahiti Lime in 1996, aiming to expand its markets and customers. In 2005, the company expanded its facilities in Itápolis, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, and currently has two processing units, one for export and the other one focused on the domestic market. The company produces lemons, oranges and tangerines. It also has the GLOBAL G.A.P certification, a reference for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), being the most accepted and renowned certification in the fruit market.

BeFruit Comércio e Exportação Ltda

BeFruit is a company specialized in the production and export of tropical fruits. Its history began in Minas Gerais, a state located in southeastern Brazil, with Santa Sofia Farm, established in the 1870s as one of the largest coffee producers in the world. Over time, the farm diversified its production to sugar cane, oranges and lemons. In 2012, the company became a reference in the citrus production, investing in technology and innovation. Now, in addition to producing fruits, it packs and sells its products on the domestic and foreign markets, using a modern Packing House.

SucoCitrico Cutrale Ltda

Founded in 1967, Cutrale specializes in citrus growing. It has factories in several Brazilian cities, including Araraquara, Colina, Conchal, Uchôa and Itápolis. With around 18,000 employees during the harvest, it stands out in the production and processing of high quality juices for global markets. It also has the Rainforest Alliance Certified – IMAFLORA certification, in recognition of the use of good agricultural production practices.

MBR Comércio Exp. e Imp.

Headquartered in São José dos Campos, in southeastern Brazil, MBR produces and exports oranges and a variety of other fruits, such as mangoes, lemons, papayas, figs, persimmons, melons, grapes, guavas and apples. The company stands out for providing customers with a comprehensive solution for the supply of a varied set of products, with an emphasis on service excellence, reliability and quality of the fruit they distribute.

MNS Comércio de Produtos Agropecuários Ltda – MNS

Another prominent company is MNS Comércio de Produtos Agropecuários Ltda – MNS, located in Pilar do Sul, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. Its production and export portfolio includes guava, pineapple, plum, atemoya, banana, fuyu persimmon, orange, lemon, apple, papaya, mango and watermelon. Since 2004, the MNS Group has been committed to providing consumers with healthier, safer and tastier products, which is its main mission. The company’s corporate philosophy seeks to ensure that these principles are effectively implemented and experienced on a daily basis.

Associação Brasileira de Citros de Mesa (ABCM)

Located in the city of Leme, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, ABCM works together with the Public Agencies: MAPA and OEDSV’s, managing and discussing the legislation and respective updates of the citrus production. Since the production of seedlings, planting, handling, harvesting and marketing, to presenting suggestions and actions in favor of citrus fruits: oranges, lemons and tangerines.

About Frutas do Brasil

Abrafrutas (Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruits and Derivatives), in partnership with ApexBrasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), develops a project to support Brazilian exporters in their quest to expand their business; opening new markets; recognition and differentiation of Brazilian fruits; increase the healthy habit of consuming tasty and superior quality fruits. Since the project started in 2014, Frutas do Brasil aims to show that Brazil is a provider of quality fruits produced in a sustainable way.

About Abrafrutas

The Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruit and Derivatives (Abrafrutas) is a non-profit association whose purpose is to represent and promote Brazilian fruit growing in the international market. Created in 2014, Abrafrutas has approximately 70 associated fruit exporters and holds approximately 85% of the total volume of fresh fruit exported by Brazil.



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