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Missão comercial para abertura de novos mercados para frutas brasileiras

Wednesday May 25th, 2022

The president of the Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruits and Derivatives, Waldyr Promicia, who participates in the government delegation with a Trade Mission to Arab and Eastern European Countries, arrived in Morocco this weekend and has already completed the first agenda of the mission that has with the objective of prospecting new business and investment opportunities for Brazil.

Presidente da Abrafrutas, Waldyr Promicia

For Promicia, the dialogue between the two countries is very important at this moment, and the visit is strategically favorable for expanding new opportunities and business between Brazil and Morocco.

The Moroccan agricultural sector represents 17% of the country’s GDP and per capita income is US$ 2,988.00. Wheat, barley, fruits and vegetables are the main agricultural crops and the result of the harvest is decisive for economic performance.

In the last three years, Brazil has exported few fresh fruits to Morocco. Apart from bananas in 2021, the largest volumes were processed fruits (juices, pulps and frozen fruits). The Moroccan climate is very similar to that of Brazil, so the country produces the same varieties of fruit produced here, however, there are good possibilities to take advantage of the off seasons.

“Expanding fruit exports to other countries has been one of Abrafrutas‘ goals, which aims to reduce European trade dependence. This mission, which has been very well organized and led by government representatives, will certainly bring positive results for our country”, said the Association’s president.

Waldyr Promicia and members of the delegation visited the Moroccan Confederation of Agriculture and Rural Development and were received by director Kamal Bennouna. On the occasion, they were presented with an incentive program for industries to invest in Moroccan agriculture, which, according to the president of Abrafrutas, is a very interesting program model that will serve as an example for Brazil.

Another meeting was held at the Brazilian Embassy in Morocco and was attended by agricultural attaché Nilson Guimarães, who has been in the country since 2019. The opportunities to further accelerate the growth of agro exports to the country, according to him, are great. He says that there is great potential for growth in different markets, given that Brazil is already a major exporter of sugar to Morocco and has also grown significantly in shipments of corn and black pepper.

The delegation that is on this mission is made up of representatives of the Brazilian government and of various sectors that drive the Brazilian economy. They will visit eight Arab countries and two countries in the Eastern European region.

By: Abrafrutas Communication


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