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Friday September 10th, 2021

Rich in fibers that regulate the proper functioning of the digestive tract, vitamins and nutrient minerals, melon is one of the most recommended fruits by nutritionists. Its pulp is rich in fructose and potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure. It contains vitamins A (protects cells and promotes their growth), C (a powerful antioxidant) and vitamin B complex (help maintain the proper functioning of the body as a whole), in addition to calcium.

Few people know it, but it is possible to use almost everything from melon: the roasted seeds can be eaten as a snack, and when washed and dried, they can be used to make an excellent tea to regulate kidney function. They are an excellent source of vitamin B12, thus being very suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet. The rind of the melon can be used as a natural fertilizer or even for making jams. Its pulp can be used to prepare juices, sweets, ice cream, puddings and even savory dishes.
Its regular consumption can also help:

• Weight loss: its fibers give a feeling of satiety and help the bowel to work properly.

• Eliminate toxins: the presence of folic acid stimulates the diuretic action and helps the body get rid of accumulated liquids.

• Decrease PMS symptoms and menstruation cramps: due to its anticoagulant action, it is recommended to eat a piece of melon before, during and after the periods.

• Combat insomnia: it has a calming effect.


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