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Exporting fruits with excellence and sustainability: discover the journey of MBR Company

Thursday March 14th, 2024

Since its founding in 2004, MBR Company, a company participating in the Frutas do Brasil project — an internationalization program promoted by the Brazilian Association of Fruit and Derivatives Exporters (Abrafrutas) in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) — has stood out for its dedication to exporting, importing and distributing food, with a special focus on fresh fruit. 

The company is headquartered in the city of São José dos Campos, in São Paulo, and works with a wide variety of products. Fig, melon, lime, mango, papaya, guava, orange, apple, dragon fruit, persimmon, atemoya and tomato are some of the fruits produced.

Over the years, MBR has also consolidated its global presence, providing a broad portfolio to large distributors and supermarket chains on all continents. Its products are exported to many countries around the world, including the European Union, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Canada and many other international destinations.

Following Brazil’s fame in the production and export of melons — in 2023, Brazil exported approximately 230 thousand tons of the fruit, generating revenue of around US$190 million —, MBR takes the delicacy to different corners of the globe. The fruit occupies a prominent place, offering a variety of types, including cantaloupe, yellow, galia and frogskin melon.

The United Arab Emirates stands out as the main destination for the melon exported by the company, which is distinguished by its year-round availability, guaranteed by air shipments during the off-season periods.

“At MBR Company, each fruit is carefully cultivated and sold with dedication, quality, traceability control and sustainability, aiming to meet the expectations of our customers around the world, from the farms to the shelves”, comments Renato Miralla, commercial director.

Committed to the environmental cause, the company adopts daily practices to minimize the impact, including the ecological disposal of paper and the search for sustainable packaging alternatives. Certified by GLOBALG.A.P CoC, IDB (Organics) and Frutas do Brasil, it demonstrates its commitment to quality standards and environmental responsibility.

MBR Company’s active participation in the Frutas do Brasil project highlights the company’s commitment to the highest standards of quality and sustainability in Brazilian fruit growing. By participating in the project, the company reaffirms the value of fruit production in Brazil, standing out as a fundamental part of this promising scenario.

About Frutas do Brasil

Abrafrutas (Brazilian Association of Fruit and Derivatives Producers and Exporters), in partnership with ApexBrasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), is committed to promoting the growth of Brazilian exporters. This project aims to expand its business, open new markets, highlight Brazilian fruits’ qualities and encourage the consumption of high-quality and tasty fruits. Currently, 63 export companies in the Brazilian fruit sector participate in Frutas do Brasil, achieving partial results exceeding USD 500 million in exports. To be part of the project, you only need to be a producer and register on the website by clicking here.

About Abrafrutas

The Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruit and Derivatives (Abrafrutas) is a non-profit association whose purpose is to represent and promote Brazilian fruit growing in the international market. Created in 2014, Abrafrutas has approximately 70 associated fruit exporters and holds approximately 85% of the total volume of fresh fruit exported by Brazil.

About ApexBrasil

The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and attract foreign investments to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. In order to achieve its goals, ApexBrasil carries out several trade promotion initiatives aimed at promoting Brazilian products and services abroad, such as prospective and trade missions, business rounds, support to the participation of Brazilian companies in major international fairs, visits of foreign buyers and opinion makers to learn about the Brazilian productive structure, among other business platforms that also aim at strengthening the Brazil brand.



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