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Friday September 10th, 2021

Papaya consumption is recommended by nutritionists because it is a food that is rich in lycopene (average of 3.39 mg in 100 g), vitamin C and important minerals for the body. The riper the papaya, the higher the concentration of these nutrients.

In a 100-gram serving of the fruit there are 43 calories and a significant amount of vitamin C (75% of the Dietary Reference Intake, DRI) and a moderate amount of folate (10% of the DRI), in addition to a variety of other nutrients that contribute to the health of consumers.

Papaya is the main source of the papain enzyme, a substance that has many functional and beneficial qualities for human beings. The main role of papain, without a doubt, is to speed up the digestion process – and it is recommended for those who have gastrointestinal problems or slow metabolism. However, this enzyme also functions as a coagulant, ensuring good blood circulation and preventing the formation of clots in veins and arteries. Papain also has antioxidant and wound-healing properties.

A good tip is to adopt the habit of eating papaya every day for breakfast – this is a great way to guarantee an adequate intake of papain. In addition to the in natura consumption, papaya goes very well with salads, juices and mousses.

Find an innovative, tasty, healthy gastronomic experience by consuming papaya from Brazil.


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