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Friday September 10th, 2021

Papaya’s medicinal power is tremendous, and several parts of the papaya tree are used for their respective therapeutic properties.

Papaya latex, collected mainly from the unripe fruit, has an enzyme called proteolytic, used to reduce pain caused by inflammation, pain from sports injuries, neck pain, osteoarthritis and neuralgia caused by Herpes zoster (or shingles).

In the pharmaceutical industry, enzymes called trypsin and chymotrypsin are associated with a bandage (adhesive tape + gauze) as a wound-healing accelerator, widely used in the treatment of decubitus ulcers (pressure ulcers or bedsores).

Papain from papaya is part of several pharmaceutical formulations. It is used in orthopedic surgeries to dissolve the core of the intervertebral disc, in the case of herniated discs.

Papain is also used in the brewing industry to prevent the color of the beer from being altered at low temperatures. It is also used in the softening of silk and wool. In cooking, it is used as a meat tenderizer.

There are studies indicating that an alkaloid present in papaya called “carpaine” can be used as a myocardial/cardiac depressant (antiarrhythmic), amebicide (an amoeba killer) and diuretic.

Consuming Brazilian papaya means to protect yourself against several diseases and to preserve your quality of life.


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