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Cosméticos à base de uva

Thursday February 3rd, 2022

Besides the delicious taste and providing several applications in the gastronomic universe, the grape has hundreds of nutritive substances which good for the health, such as fibers, minerals and iron.

One benefit, however, deserves even more attention. Researches throughout time have revealed the presence of antioxidants which are very important and turn this fruit into an allied in aesthetics.

Polyphenol: the secret of beauty is in the grapes
It might be something peculiar, but we can already see a lot of of cosmetics which use the grape and its components as base for their production, because the fruit is rich in a substance called polyphenol.

Besides having several benefits to the health, the polyphenols are loved by the cosmetics industry because they prevent the degradation of the elastin and of the collagen fibers. This way, they help maintaining the elasticity and the skin firmness.

In the grape, specifically, there is the presence of a polyphenol called resveratrol, which is already considered by science as the secret of youth and it is used by many people as the “pill to longevity”.

When manufacturing the cosmetics, the grape also presents versatility. The grape oil-based products are manufactured and multiplied due to its efficacy and they begin to broadly take over the market.

Source: Famiglia Valduga


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