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Fruit Attraction 2022 exceeds expectations and should generate approximately USD 151 million in business over the next twelve months

Tuesday October 25th, 2022

Fruit Attraction 2022, the second largest fruit fair in the world, was held in Madrid, Spain, from October 4th to 6th. The Brazilian Association of Exporting Producers of Fruits and Derivatives (Abrafrutas) was present at this edition of the event with more than 50 fruit exporting companies. The participation of the association and its exporting companies is one of the actions of Projeto Frutas do Brasil, a partner project between Abrafrutas and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil).

Fruit Attraction is an annual event held in October that brings together fruit exporters and importers from all over the world. For Brazilian exporters in particular, the event provides an excellent opportunity to consolidate business plans, as the harvest season is just beginning in Brazil for a number of export fruits, such as mangoes, melons and grapes. According to fair organizers,1,800 companies from 55 countries participated in the event in 2022, surpassing previous editions and underscoring the importance of the event.

This edition saw record participation of Brazilian companies and generated more than USD 85 million in immediate business and an expected total of USD 151 million in business over the next twelve months.

Lychee fruit producer Patrícia Nogueira explains that “in addition to the business consolidated at the fair, the collective participation of Brazilian exporters allowed for an exchange of information and experiences that improved the view of the sector’s perspectives and common strategies for export fruit production in a time of global economic and logistical challenges.” In addition, she notes that “the fair is a great opportunity to show our history and values, such as the sustainability of production and social responsibility of our company, demonstrating to importers and consumers our commitment to offering a quality and safe product for consumption.”

According to Abrafrutas Executive Director, Eduardo Brandão, the fair “was the best opportunity in the post-pandemic period for bringing together exporters, importers, retailers and logistics companies, dealing with business and aligning strategies to reduce the negative impact of the geopolitical instabilities in Europe, the global inflationary crisis and the shortage of ships and containers for the international transport of products.” The Brazil stand received a large number of visitors over the three days of the fair.

Another highlight of Brazilian fruit growing at the event was the culinary event with the participation of Luciana Berry and César Scolari, of TOP Chefes Brasil, who prepared innovative dishes with Brazilian fruit, demonstrating the diversity of species and variety of fruit, as well as different ways to consume this fruit, other than as fresh fruit. Importers and retailers were delighted with the opportunity to taste the harmonious combinations of fruits and fruit derivatives in salads, snacks and sweets.

Brazilian participation in Fruit Attraction 2022 also had the support of the Embassy of Brazil in Spain, with the personal participation of Ambassador Orlando Leite Ribeiro and his team, who, in addition to attending the event, offered a business reception at the Embassy for the Brazilian delegation and key people in the international fruit trade in Brazil, Spain and all of Europe, media representatives and other authorities. Once again, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs supported an initiative of the Brazilian private sector.

The Brazilian fruit exporting sector again showed its potential to the world, and reinforced its commitment to increase international sales and ensure Brazil’s position among the ten most important global fruit exporters. Later this year, Abrafrutas will attend other trade fairs in the United States, Thailand, Chile and the United Arab Emirates.


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