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Agrivale bets on sustainability by opening a solar power plant in the Northeast of Brazil

Friday March 24th, 2023

Agrivale, one of the largest grape producers in Brazil, takes a step forward and invests in a solar power plant. The plant has 2,568 modules for capturing solar rays, generating savings of 2,317.67 MWh/year, which represents 85% of current consumption.

The focus is on sustainability: the installation of the plant in the Northeast of Brazil will reduce 278 tons of carbon emissions. In addition, the technology is also expected to preserve 1,248 trees every year.

According to the company, the goal is to take advantage of the region’s potential, where it is sunny during the whole year. “It is a way of contributing to the global energy transition, reducing the impacts of global warming”, quoted Agrivale.

According to the testimony that the company’s CEO, Graco Farias, published on his profile on Linkedin, the social network, Brazil is a perfect country for the development of both agribusiness and solar energy, as it has a favorable climate, fertile soil and abundant water. “This just makes us sure that the search for alternative sources is an irreversible trend in the field”, he adds.

The Agrivale farm was born in 1996 and is located in the São Francisco Valley, in the Northeast of Brazil. Today, the company is one of the largest producers of table grapes in Brazil, reaching a total cultivation area of ​​370 hectares. Agrivale serves both the national and international markets, exporting to more than ten countries, such as the United States, Germany and France.

The farm produces 10 types of grapes, which have five certifications that attest to the quality of the products and the ethical relationship it maintains with employees, suppliers, the environment and, above all, consumers. To support the quality control and traceability of their produced grapes, Agrivale uses Paripassu’s software, an agritech that is a member of the Genesis Group, which allows the traceability of the entire production, transport and storage process until the grapes reach the consumer’s tables.


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