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Abrafrutas participa do mais importante evento de produtos Fresh no Reino Unido

Tuesday March 15th, 2022

On the 21st, the biggest fresh products event in the UK, the London Produce Show 2022 , begins . The Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruits and Derivatives (Abrafrutas), in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), through the FRUTAS DO BRASIL project, participates with the aim of promoting Brazilian tropical fruits in this important import market.

The United Kingdom is an important partner for Brazilian fruit exports and is responsible for 15.7% of the total volume of fruit exported by Brazil. In 2021, these exports represented 183.5 thousand tons of fresh fruit, with sales of US$ 167.2 million. For 2022, the sector expects a 20% growth in volume and value, basically due to the increase, worldwide, in the consumption of healthier products, including in the UK.

The United Kingdom imports approximately 80% of the fruit it consumes and, with Brexit, the nation’s departure from the European Union (EU) block of countries, Brazil has a great opportunity to become the largest and main supplier of tropical fruits. consumed in that market .

During the London Produce Show , Abrafrutas will bring together the five main digital influencers in the United Kingdom in the area of ​​healthy eating so that they can learn about the taste, quality, diversity and sustainable models of Brazilian fruit production. They will have the opportunity to talk to the exporters present on these topics, including aspects of distribution and commercialization of exported fruit. The area of ​​food safety , especially in the details of controlling chemical and biological contamination , should also be a matter of interest to all.

Souza says that the exporters will highlight the commitment and engagement of Brazilian producers with sustainable agricultural practices , in which economic, social and environmental aspects are integrated, in order to meet the expectations of British consumers regarding the values ​​present today in the area of food in that society.

Abrafrutas will also offer participants and influencers present at the London Produce Show , a gastronomic demonstration with melons, grapes, watermelons, mangoes and lemons produced in Brazil and which are the main species of fruit exported to the United Kingdom, in special recipes integrated into the cuisine. British cuisine, created and prepared by renowned Brazilian chef Luciana Berry, star of London cuisine.

Berry is known for having participated in several programs aimed at haute cuisine, such as the BBC’s Master Chef, in 2014, and Top Chef Brasil, in 2020, when she was the winner.

The event, which ends on March 23, will take place at the ExCel Convention Center – Docklands – London.


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