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Friday September 10th, 2021

Besides the use of the fruit in the production verticalization process we also have the potential generated by the acai by-products which have as base the stones that are discarded when obtaining the acai pulp.

This discard of stones corresponds in average to 83% of the fruit’s volume that can be used to produce green biomass fuel, which has several ways of utilization, such as the generation of electrical and mechanical energy besides fuel gas; being a substitute for coal. Another use for this waste is as fertilizer made from the composting process of the organic matter as well as the production of phytotherapeutic products and animal feed.

Acai oil:
The acai oil has a dark green color, and it does not smell so good after its extraction. However, when it goes through the refining process, the flavor and smell become much better.

The acai oil is very used for culinary purposes as well as cosmetics. As a food condiment it is widely used to season salads. Its use in cosmetics is for producing shampoos and hair creams, besides soaps and body moisturizers. It has an antioxidant concentration, 33 times more than the grapes; rich in essential fatty acids.


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